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Operating precautions for MechaTrans®

Recommended product storage temperature and humidity

1. Please store MechaTrans® in the following environment:
Temperature: -5℃~+40℃ 
Humidity: below 40%RH

2. Using MechaTrans® in a high humidity environment (relative humidity of above70%) with constant voltage applied will cause migration in the internal electrode of the piezoelectric actuator and may deteriorate the insulation resistance.

3. The operating temperature range is -20°C~85°C. For any application, please consider the temperature increase of the piezoelectric actuator itself.

Regarding the handling of MechaTrans®

4. Be careful of the following points to avoid the happening of pulling force on the piezoelectric actuator of MechaTrans®

[1]When connecting MechaTrans® to other mechanisms, do not mount the MechaTrans® in the same direction as the displacement direction.
[2]Do not apply excessive force, such as pushing, pulling or twisting the tip of the displacement part of the MechaTrans®.

Example 1: MechaTrans® MTA series/Example 2: MechaTrans® MTDD series

Example 3: MechaTrans® MTPTK series

For MechaTrans® MTPTK series, in order to prevent twisting of the MechaTrans® caused by the screw tightening force, please be sure to fix the actuator upper part as shown in the photo below.

Fixing the MechaTrans® MTPTK series

※The built-in piezoelectric actuator in MechaTrans® is made of ceramic material. Ceramic materials are weak in the pulling direction and may break if pulled with a strong force.
MechaTrans® converts the displacement and force generated by the piezoelectric actuator into a large displacement and force using an enlargement mechanism. Conversely, the force applied to the displacement tip is transmitted as a large force to the piezoelectric actuator, and if that force pulls the piezoelectric actuator, the same will be destroyed. The direction of the force pulling the piezoelectric actuator is opposite to the direction of displacement of the MechaTrans®. Please beware not to apply same direction force.

5. The length of the screws used when installing the MechaTrans® should be as shown in the picture below. If the screw is too long, the tip of the screw and the piezoelectric actuator may contact each other and damage the piezoelectric actuator. The piezoelectric actuator may be destroyed due to the scratch.

・MTDD series ・MTD series 
・MTKK series ・MTK series

6. When attaching the mounting part of the MechaTrans® as shown below to any mounting base, fasten it with a jig or tool so that the mounting part does not rotate. Similarly, when mounting a part to be loaded or moved to the output part of the MechaTrans®, fasten it with a jig or tool so that the output part does not rotate. Otherwise, the rotating moment while tightening the screw may damage the MechaTrans®.

・MTDD series ・MTD series 
・MTKK series ・MTK series

Voltage application

7. Use the mechanical transformer within the rated voltage described below. If a voltage exceeding the rated voltage is applied to the MechaTrans®, the piezoelectric actuator in the MechaTrans® may be damaged and is not covered by our warranty.
Rated Voltage:-20V~150V

8. When driving the MechaTrans®, a high voltage is applied between the electrodes of the piezoelectric actuator. Be careful not to create electrical shorts between the electrodes due to contact of electric wires, liquid, or conductive substances contacting with the piezoelectric actuator electrodes.

Example 1: MechaTrans® MTA series/Example 2: MechaTrans® MTDD series

9. When applying a large voltage momentarily to the MechaTrans® (e.g. applying a DC voltage directly to the MechaTrans® using a switch, etc.), please take note of the following points.

[1]Connect a resistor between the voltage supply side and the MechaTrans®
[2]To prevent mechanical damage to the piezoelectric actuator, limit the inrush current, especially when driven by a rectangular wave.
[3]If DC voltage is directly supplied to MechaTrans® by using a switch and unless any resister is added onto MechaTrans® in series, the maximum displacement may be twice, compared to the displacement under static conditions, and then MechaTrans® may be damaged. In that case, it is recommended to add a suitable resister onto MechaTrans®, to increase DC voltage gradually, or to control the voltage less than 80V.

10. Avoid reversed polarity usage of the MechaTrans® lead wire.
The polarity of the lead wire of the MechaTrans® is Red for+ polarity White (or Black) for -polarity.

* Depending on the model, if the polarity cannot be distinguished by lead wire color, the longer lead wire is the positive pole. (Example: MTDD03S50F3, MTD03S50F3 etc.)

Diagram  MechaTrans® Lead wire polarity

※When the lead wire polarity is reversed and voltage is applied, the generated displacement will be negative up to about -20V, but any higher voltage will return the displacement to the positive side. This is caused by the polarization inversion that occurred inside the piezoelectric actuator, and the MechaTrans® may break if continuously being applied with inversed polarization. Please use single voltage polarity.

Characteristics of MechaTrans®

11. Please refer to Diagram 8 below regarding the hysteresis between applied voltage and generated displacement of MechaTrans®. With the same applied voltage, there is a slight difference between the generated displacement of the MechaTrans® when the voltage rises and when the voltage drops. This is the general characteristic of the piezoelectric actuator in MechaTrans® and is unavoidable. If it is necessary to control the absolute value of the displacement, the usage of displacement sensor together with MechaTrans® is compulsory.

Diagram  Hysteresis curve of Piezo Actuator

12. The initial position of the MechaTrans® displacement tip changes as the ambient temperature changes. For example, in the following model, when the ambient temperature rises, the initial position direction change is as shown below. Measurements may be carried out to overcome this phenomenon. Please feel free to contact us if there are any doubts concerning this.


13. Please do not disassemble the MechaTrans® We are not responsible of repairing any disassembled MechaTrans®.

14. When the MechaTrans® is not used, keep it in a storage environment (eg desiccator) with a humidity of 40% or less. If a voltage is applied to a piezoelectric actuator that contains moisture, migration may occur, and the actuator may be damaged. Besides that, please make sure to short-circuit the electrodes of the piezoelectric actuator in MechaTrans® during storage in order to avoid accumulation of electric charge in the piezoelectric actuator when it is not in use.

15. With the prerequisite of proper storage and regular usage, we guarantee the performance of MechaTrans® for 1 year or 10 million times from the date of purchase Please contact us if you need further guarantee. Our record for certain models cleared 15 billion times of usage.