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Company Philosophy

Extraordinarily High Goal

Mechano Transformer Corporation do not aim for the level of mediocrity. Setting the goal in average level won`t be satisfied until setting above average level goals, devote yourself to achieve them and achieve great achievements. Our real goal is making the company keep on evolving into an excellent company. Making money is not the real goal. However, this does not mean that the employee's income is low. If we continue to make progress in line with this philosophy, naturally we will achieve high productivity. Gradually will make the company and the employee financially rich.

Continuous Improvement

We welcome the conflict for progress and awakening. Eliminate personal attributes such as age, seniority and job title, and judge superiority or inferiority based on logical thinking. The best idea wins, not who said it. Criticism (whether self or others) is essential for progress. However, criticism using hierarchical relationships is not allowed. Criticism must always be an objective opinion. Always humbly and rationally face yourself, improve yourself and your products, and make progress.

Team Spirit

Teamwork and team spirit are essential, including a common understanding that substandard performance is not allowed. This means 1) recognizing the responsibilities that contribute to the achievement of the team's goals, and 2) being willing to cooperate with the team members for her to achieve the team's goals. The team is a fateful community and can rely on other members when they need help. In other words, substandard performance is not allowed because it harms all members. Long-term relationships of trust should be deliberately built, as they are a) intrinsically satisfying and b) efficient. Termination leads to retraining of human resources and hinders progress.

Human Development

Enlightenment (Satori). Regardless of the biological age, the company provides an environment where we can grow together with the company as a person so that you can realize it. Each Mechano Transformer Corporation employee has the responsibility of humbly acting like an owner and the responsibility of asking others to act that way as well. With each person's growth and enlightenment, feel a sense of accomplishment and experience spiritual and financial well-being.

Social Contributions

Mechano Transformer Corporation not only secure their own growth and profits, but also do not neglect their responsibilities as a corporation in the society (world). By continuously creating intellectual property and expanding its application range, we will contribute to the interests of society (world) as much as possible. Contribution to the profits of society (world) is not a short-term perspective such as providing all the created intellectual property free of charge, but to create further intellectual property by using the profits obtained from the created intellectual property. It means contribution from a long-term perspective on the premise of a sustainable research and development cycle of reinvesting in. In the future, we aim to be a company whose existence itself contributes to the public interest as the company itself serves like a social infrastructure.

April 15 2022
Mechano Transformer Corporation