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Fast tip/ tilt steering stage MTS2A23H6mf6000

We build Compact fast tip/tilt steering stage for laser satellite communication.

Speaking of satellite communication, it used to be an era of radio wave communication, but in recent years, laser communication methods have been proposed and verified in various places.

Conventional radio communication (microwaves) has a conspicuous problem of frequency band depletion. With optical communication in satellite, the communication speed increases by a great difference. In addition, there are no concerns about interference or eavesdropping as communication is performed with a focused laser.

We will do our best to realize and popularize this dream technology, optical communication. We have over 20 years of experience in driving piezoelectric actuators and can consistently design, manufacture and sell piezoelectric actuators in-house.

This time, we are launching a compact steering mirror that can accurately control the angle of the mirror at high speed, contributing to the spread of satellite communications.

Specifications for MTS2A23H6mf6000

Detailed specifications are as follows.

        Unit Tolerance
Active axes θx, θy              
Motion and positioning
Integrated sensor SGS              
Tip / Tilt angle, closed loop (Static motion at 0 ~ 150V) ±6.5 mrad       
Resolution Below 1.0 µrad
Mechanical properties
Resonant frequency @ without load 5 & above kHz
Resonant frequency @ max load 4 & above kHz
Drive properties
Max driving voltage 150 V Typ.
Max load 0.2 g Typ.
Operating temperature -40 ~ 80   
Material platform Aluminum       
Height 23.0 mm Typ.
Mass 50 g Typ.
Diameter 30.0 mm Typ.

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