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Efforts to Achieve the SDGs
(MTC 20th Anniversary Project)

Mechano Transformer Corporation supports the Sustainable Development Goals.

We intend to promote the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the United Nations by applying piezoelectric actuators, which have characteristics of fast response, good controllability and low energy consumption, to a wider range of fields and products.

Piezoelectric actuator has many excellent characteristics such as a resolution of nanometers, can be used in a vacuum environment, can respond as fast as a few microseconds, non-magnetic low power consumption during static operation, nevertheless, the displacement generates least frictional wear.

On the other hand, piezoelectric actuator weak point is that the displacement generated is minimum that is about few ten micrometers. Therefore, we developed an epoch-making piezoelectric actuator, "MechaTrans®" which compensates this weak point by combining a displacement expansion mechanism (mechanical transformer) that expands displacement by several times to several ten times. We believe "MechaTrans®" can be widely applicable to all actuator areas.

To promote piezoelectric actuators, we offer not only our standardized "MechaTrans®" that produces large displacement by means of a mechanical transformer, but also “Piezo Assist Motor" which is motor capable of outputting large displacement, high resolution, and high thrust.“Piezo Assist Stage"is a manual stage with fine positioning resolution of 20 nanometers and coarse positioning range(in millimeter order).

In addition to standardized products, we also provide individual consultation for piezoelectric actuators, prototypes production, and technical consultants. Please feel free to contact us by email or phone.

We will continue technological innovation to further improve the performance and usage of piezoelectric actuators, aiming to realize a sustainable society by reducing CO2 emissions through energy conservation.

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