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Mechano Transformer Corporation

Mechano Tansformer Corporation(MTC)always explore new directions in collaboration with our partners in various fields. MTC provides a wide range of knowledge and knowhow from actuators, positioning stage designs and prototyping to mass production. Hundreds of MTC’s ecosystem partners come together to help our customers to get their products to go to market faster.

Experience the precision and reliability of Japan's finest piezo technology:

MechaTrans® piezo actuator


    MTC provides OEM and ODM services. Depending on the conditions, it is also possible to directly license MTC patents.

  • Mass Production Service

    MTC provides a consistent one-stop service from concept and development to supply of mass-produced products.

  • System Integration

    MTC performs system integration of products that meets customer specifications and realize faster market introduction.

  • Software・Hardware

    MTC is also experienced in software and hardware and can reduce the time and effort to bring you to market.

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    Our IP

    Mechano Transformer Corporation was founded on patented technology and aims to bring innovation to various business fields and contribute to the society through the development and application of new creative technologies.

    We have obtained various patents in Japan and overseas through our continuous research efforts and demonstration highest level of expertise in what we do.

    Solutions for semiconductor industries

    We always fulfill your needs and future requirements