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Chairman Message

MechaTrans® is an application name of our piezoelectric actuators, based upon the piezoelectric technology which has been developed and commercialized for the impact dot printers for the first time in the world in 1980's when I worked for NEC. Although the application to printers has afterwards been replaced to the other methods such as ink jet or bubble jet technology, Prof. T. Higuchi of the University of Tokyo has predicted the promise of this actuator and recommended me to expand applications of the piezoelectric technology to the other industrial fields.

In 2002, a small company has been founded in Tokyo, Japan to develop new applications of piezoelectric actuators with high speed and large displacement. Then, the company name has changed from Denshi-Seiki to Mechano Transformer Corporation since 2005 and also the company location has changed from Tokyo to Kawasaki where is at the suburbs of Tokyo.

Mechano Transformer Corporation has been developing more than 60 different types of piezoelectric actuators and 30 different types of the drive circuits, and those are being used by many customers.

Dr. Takeshi Yano

CEO Message

Mechano Transformer Corporation expertise in core Actuator technology, aiming to explore opportunities globally by providing new developments to industries such as medical, energy, agricultural etc.

We always work towards being a global company that brings better tomorrow and a better world, through constantly “building human resources”, “creating new technology”, “making high quality products” and “providing best services”. Although the company size is still small, we sincerely communicate with our customers to fulfill their needs, trying hard to achieve the best while enjoying each process towards customers objectives and expectations.

Each employee is our family member in this organization, we support and encourage our members to challenge themselves towards improvement. Being able to see the growth of our members is the most enjoyable moment we cherish together.

I would like to share my personal background, my bond with this company and the establishment of this company.

I am born in Malaysia and completed my studies in Malaysia till age 20. I came to Japan in year 1997. I was given the chance to know this company during my research studies in The University of Tokyo under Professor Toshiro Higuchi. At that time, I met current Chairman of Mechano Transformer Corp. Dr. Takeshi Yano and we studied and worked together to develop amplified/magnified piezo actuator. My graduate thesis was on “Application of the Piezoelectric Actuators for Granular Foreign Object Eliminating Equipment”.

With Dr. Yano, we discussed and provided solutions to companies whom approached us, since I was a student. Dr. Yano then established “Denshi Seiki” limited company which was the former name of Mechano Transformer Corporation. I worked part time in the company at that time and started my full-time employment in this company in Mar 2005 post my master’s degree in Tokyo University.

This is the 21st year of being in Japan, and this country is my second home. My goal is to connect Mechano Transformer with the world through Actuator technology, especially with Asian countries which is rapidly and actively changing. I hope our technology makes life easier and contribute to a better world.

CEO Chee Sze Keat