Piezo actuator, Long stroke, Flat , Compact

Piezoelectric, Piezoelectric Actuator, compact, higher rigidity/stiffness

The MechaTrans®D-Series is a compact piezoelectric actuators that can generate large output strokes, which is 10 times and above larger than the stroke of a multilayer stacked piezoelectric actuator. The MechaTrans®D-Series consists of a stroke magnification / amplification structure and multilayer stacked piezoelectric actuators. With the stroke magnification structure, the stroke is magnified to overcome the limitation of the multilayer stacked piezoelectric actuator. The MechaTrans®D-Series is designed flat and compact in size, therefore the efficiency of the space utilization is high. The output stroke is converted to 90 degree in direction compare to the original output stroke of the multilayer stacked piezoelectric actuator. When a voltage is applied to the MechaTrans®D-Series, it shrinks as shown in Fig. 2.


Features of the MechaTrans®D-Series

・large output stroke

・Flat and compact.

・Output stroke of the piezoelectric actuators is converted to 90 degrees in direction.

・The MechaTrans®D-Series shrinks as Fig. 2 when a voltage applied.

・Output stroke direction is opposite to the MechaTrans®DD-Series


The operating principle of the MechaTrans®D-Series

Mechanical tapped holes are fabricated at both sides of the MechaTrans®D-Series. Lead wires of red and black(white) are attached at the piezoelectric actuators. Fig. 1 shows an example of the connection between the driver and the piezoelectric actuators. A resistance may be needed in between depend on the driving conditions. When a voltage is applied to the piezoelectric actuators, the MechaTrans®D-Series shrink as shown in Fig. 2.

Piezoelectric, Piezoelectric Actuator

Fig.1 The piezoelectric actuator system


Piezoelectric, Piezoelectric Actuator, compact, higher rigidity/stiffness

Fig.2 Operating principles of the MechaTrans®D-Series


Applications of the MechaTrans®D-Series

These are some examples of the application of the MechaTrans®D-Series.

・Positioning stage for lithography process
・Auto focus module for a camera.
・Precision pump


List of the MechaTrans®D-Series

<MTD Series>

Blocked force [N]
Resonance frequency
*1 *2
Price [¥]
1pc 5pcs
Datasheet Download
15×3×5 50 3 0.06 2000 0.03 Download 100,000 95,000 80,000 70,000
Datasheet Download
22×8×8 250 27 0.11 790 0.85 Download 85,000 80,750 68,000 59,500
Datasheet Download
26×8×8 300 25 0.08 500 0.85 Download 90,000 85,500 72,000 63,000
Datasheet Download
52×16×16 750 90 0.12 290 8.5 ダウンロード 120,000 114,000 96,000 84,000
Datasheet Download
52×16×16 830 100 0.12 290 8.5   125,000 118,750 100,000 87,500
Datasheet Download
21.1×37×90 160 920 5.75 850 25 Download 270,000 256,500 216,000 189,000


*1 : Nominal value *2 : Blocked-Free



Operating precautions for MechaTrans®

Please confirm the following operating precautions before using MechaTrans®D-Series.


2)Continuous DC voltage under high humidity

3)Avoid excess tensile force against PZT and/or compression force to the arm

4)Do not superimpose DC voltage instantaneously

5)Ambient temperature



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